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JA of New Jersey NextGen Tech Series

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About JANJ's NextGen Tech Series:

Interested in learning how to build your own website? Eager to learn coding languages and network with industry experts? Excited to put your computer science skills to the test at our biannual 24-hour problem-solving competition?


JA NextGen Tech Series is an innovative series of workshops and hackathons that guides today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders. From cybersecurity to artificial intelligence, students are introduced to diverse pathways in the areas of computer science and information technology. From October to June, our monthly NextGen Series also offers students incredible opportunities to further their knowledge about principles of computer science and web development. After each workshop, students can add their newly created program/project to their coding portfolio. Corporate mentors guide and inspire students to explore careers in STEM and solve problems in their communities with technology. 

All of our sessions occur virtually on a monthly basis. Typically, these workshops take place on Saturday. There is no cost to join, and students do not have to participate in all sessions. 

New to coding? No problem! Our workshops and initiatives are designed for students of all skill levels. If you are a middle school or high school student, be sure to join us in future events of NextGen Tech Series!

Our Impact

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Top 5 Reasons To Attend

Develop New Skills

Python, Java, HTML, CSS, Scratch. These are some of the programming languages that our volunteers teach through fun and engaging workshops. Along with that, you will also be exposed to topics like data science, electrical engineering, and cybersecurity.


Learn from Professionals in the STEM field 

If you want to learn about careers in STEM or gain insight about the future of computer science in the corporate world, you are at the right place! Our professional mentors impart their experience and knowledge to you.


Challenge Yourself

The best way to discover your passion is through challenging yourself. Our virtual events create a safe space for you to develop your knowledge in computer science. And, our volunteers are always supporting you in your learning journey whether it is answering your questions or sharing some top tips.



Apply your Skills (and have a chance to win prizes!)

Is there a problem or social cause in your community that you are passionate about? HackJA challenges students to complete computer science challenges and solve problems with tech-based solutions. Throughout our event, you can participate in virtual workshops and ideating sessions with our corporate volunteers and JA Staff.


Network with Students from All Around the World

For all of our virtual initiatives, you will have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with like-minded students from all over the world! Whether it is tackling a problem set together or sharing your experiences in STEM, collaboration is the heart of the student experience at our Next Gen Tech Series. 

Why Attend?

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

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